Monday, March 16, 2009

The Science of Style

So in order to participate in the West Coast Spring Style Show I had to audition with a collection of my own. Three different looks, one executed on a doll head and two on paper.

The Science of Style
Inspired by the pages of the Biology book that my daughter tore up.

Look # 1 "Starburst"
Not the candy. Inspired by a violent high-mass star formation. 
-round one-length w/ fringe
-dimensional color: icicles in the form of a star at the top of the head - 7OR and DPL
Look #2 "Helix"
Inspired by DNA's double helix
-round and triangular one length starting from fringe 
-slices of inkworks blue on the long side

Look #3 "Photosynthesis"
Go Green!
-Triangular one-length
-Dimensional color in the form of a leaf at the top of the head alternating green inkworks and DPL level 10

Inspired by the elements 

I know what you're thinking. 
I'm awesome.

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